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tele-net Corporation | Contact Centers with Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality)

Helping your company grow with our services

We have been providing high quality contact center services for the past 29 years.
Our ability to thoroughly understand and act on our customers needs has continued since our founding.
Let us work tirelessly to provide the service that matches your needs.

Contact Center Service Sales Promotion Service Global Service

What do we do?

Contact Center

Customer Contact / Order Placement / Customer Support

“We lack the manpower to handle our inbound call volume ”
“We want to improve our Cost Per Order”
“We’re not following up with customers enough”

Are you familiar with these concerns?
Our inbound service can help you solve them all.

Contact Center Service

Sales Promotion

Digital Content / Commerce Support / Sales

“We want to strengthen our approach”
“We don’t have enough resources internally”
“We want to review our campaigns”

Our Sales Promotion Services are ideal for solving all these needs.

Sales Promotion Service


Foreign Language Support / Transnational Business

“We want to grow our business abroad”
“Our foreign language support is struggling”
“We want to target foreigners living in Japan”

Our global services are a perfect match for you.

Global Service

Our Strengths
- Delivery・Accomplishment・Solutions -

Unparalleled Quality

We emphasize quality so strongly we made it our company slogan.
Our service is customized to each our clients needs, allowing us to provide the highest level of quality, whilst still maintaining low costs.

Unparalleled Quality

Quality Cultivated over 30 Years

Across 30 years providing contact center services, we have developed the skill and know-how to ensure a flexible, and immediately responsive service.
We utilize this long experience to ensure we provide the best possible service to each of our clients.

Quality Cultivated over 30 Years

24/7 Service

In order to provide a solution to all our clients’ problems, we provide 24 hour service, 365 days of the year.
Whenever the time, whatever the day, we are here to provide you the service you needs.

24/7 Service

- Our Thoughts -

At tele-net, we wish to continue creating a future with omotenashi service.

About US

What makes a customer delighted?
What are customers looking for?

What value should we be providing?
How can be make our customers excited?

We will not fall into common practice
Our goal is to always develop
To always generate and incorporate new ideas such as working from home

By creating a work friendly environment that capitalizes on the efficiency that comes with a good work life balance,
we are able to maximize the quality of service we provide.

Recruit 求人

- For Best Smile -

For the Best Smile,
We are Hiring.

We’re looking for team members

Want to create smiles on customers' faces?
Want to delight customers?

At tele-net we value individuality and are always looking for new members who are can communicate well with customers.
Our organization is built on our members individuality, which in turn helps to develop the individual members.

Please refer to our recruitment site for more information if you are interested.

Corporate Social Responsibility


SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are 17 goals and 169 targets created by the UN in September 2015, with the goal of creating a sustainable society across the world by 2030.


Environment Social Governance

While there are many issues throughout the world presently, as we grow as a company, we will make efforts that are conscious of three perspectives: Environment, society, and governance.


Serving Our Local Communities

As a global company, tele-net has the societal responsibility to support and act as a model, something that we carry out through our volunteering efforts.


Corporate Mission


Become a leading global marketing company known for producing new ideas


Provide service with "omotenashi" at its core




  • Think from the customers viewpoint
  • Protect the law
  • Always work to our fullest
  • Maintain speed in service
  • Contribute to society

For further information or questions,
please contact us via the request form.

Please contact us at any time!